Lint Boy by Aileen Leijten

“Not so long ago, in the back of a dryer very much like yours, three buttons, a pluck of wool, and a ball of lint bumped into each other so hard that they didn’t come apart. The wiggled and twitched, and soon Lint Boy was born.”  First joy, then despair fills his little life after his similarly dryer-born Lint Bear buddy is snatched by gnarled hands, dipped in muck and imprisoned in suspended bird cages along with other dolls in an abandoned toy shop by wicked, stone-hearted Tortua.  Lint Boy has pluck and resourcefulness enough to lead the desperate dolls to a  liberating triumph  in this 120 page testament to all you can make with a bit of fluff, a needle and thread and a grand imagination.  Lint Boy’s pale watercolor and ink illustrations spin a yarn to remember in this quirky 120 page graphic novel. Likely to delight fans of Lemony Snicket’s  and a potential inspiration to a needle and thread renaissance of scrap doll-making. Recommended.

-Craig Seasholes

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